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Hi, my name is Obed and I'm excited you are here!

My deepest belief is that there is greatness inside all of us. And to access it, we must align ourselves with a greater purpose, commit to excellence, and seek to improve every day. 

I'm a Strategy Coach, a surfer and a lover of wisdom.

On this website I want to show you how to reach your full potential, create a life you love and achieve your dreams.

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“After I met Obed for the first time in April 2016 during a Clarity Group Workshop, I knew I had to take some private sessions. In the 4 sittings that followed I gained a lot of clarity for my passions and dreams. Together we worked on my strength and weaknesses, limiting and empowering beliefs as well as hidden potentials I can utilise to realise my dream. 6 months later I signed up for the Breakthrough Year Program  which included biweekly Skype calls. Besides the continuous work on beliefs, strengths and overcoming challenges, I found a tremendous value in the accountability part of the program. Obed made sure that I would set my monthly goals (based on my long term goals) and report back to him. In addition to that, his assignments put the right amount of pressure on me to carve out weekly time dedicated to my personal development. After a year I do not only know myself way better and have so much more clarity about my personal and business goals, but also have a long document with helpful resources and strategies to go back to whenever I need some guidance. Thanks, Obed, for helping me grow like never before in my life!”’

Sebastian Kuehn
Published Author & Business Coach, Wireless Life
Bali Spirit Festival: April 2018

Thousands of people come together for personal development, yoga, dance and music at the world famous Bali Spirit Festival. And I feel very privileged to help people achieve their dreams at this amazing festival. Click here for more information.

Article: 5 reasons to start living your dream today 

Is it hard for you to live your dream? Are you scared to fail? I have been in that place and have some insights to share on how to overcome fear and start living your dream today. Click here and read my top 5 reasons and 3 important questions. 

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