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Obed Abbo provides a range of Coaching Services to help you find your passions, overcome your obstacles and realize your dreams.


Clarity Program

The Clarity Program with Obed Abbo is aimed to help you find your passions and (further) develop your ultimate dream. We still have 3 spots left and the registration ends on Friday the 15th of September. Click here  for more information. 

Free Clarity Webinar

Ready for a new challenge? Watch the free recording of the Clarity Webinar aimed to help you develop your ultimate dream. Click here  for the free recording.

Article: 5 reasons to start living your dream today 

Is it hard for you to live your dream? Are you scared to fail? Obed Abbo has been in that place and has some great insights to share on how to overcome fear and start living your dream today. Click here and read his top 5 reasons and 3 important questions. 

Article: How Obed started Passionn Compass

Obed got sick in 2014. In this article you can read about how he transformed his obstacles into opportunities for growth and how he became inspired to help others in their lives. Click here for the article.

The Clarity Program with Obed was a fabulous process for me. The process started with setting my intention and from this point I started writing and exploring my inner truths and passions. This was a real gift for me. Obed is open, kind and a very compassionate man, so it was so easy to get really honest. If you have never tried the Obed’s Coaching Services I highly suggest you do. Do it NOW. Go take that leap of faith and go deep inside your heart so you can explore the amazing person you are. Thank you Obed.

Amanda Jane Williams:

Retreat Mentor & Life Coach
Obed has already helped more than 750 people to improve their lives. Click here for the testimonials
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