Clarity Program

Ready to develop your ultimate dream? The Clarity Program with Obed Abbo is specifically designed for you and is aimed to help you:
  • Discover & connect with your passions
  • Gain clarity & focus
  • Find new inspiration within yourself
  • Develop your ultimate dream
  • Increase your self confidence
  • Develop a strong plan of action
  • Move forward in a more positive & purposeful way
1-on-1 sessions

A 1-on-1 session with Obed is tailored to your specific needs so that you walk away with a clear vision for your life. As part of the Clarity Program you'll receive 4x 75-minutes Private Skype Coaching Sessions with Obed.

Online Group Workshops

As a Clarity Member you'll have the opportunity to join 2x 90-minute Online Clarity Group Workshops with Obed Abbo. Receive unique & proven tools aimed to help you gain clarity on your vision while connecting with like minded people who are also participating in the Clarity Program. 

Online Passion Compass Inner Circle

As part of the Clarity Program you have free access to the Passion Compass Inner Circle with like-minded, ambitious and inspiring people who are also participating, or have participated, in Obed's coaching programs. The aim of this group is to share, connects, collaborate, learn & stay in touch with other participants. As an Inner Circle Member you'll also get free access to additional online workshops and mastermind sessions. This Facebook group is secret, so only members can find the group and see the posts.




75-minute Private Skype Coaching Session with Obed Abbo*


90-minute Online Clarity Group Workshop


Access Passion Compass Inner Circle (including complimentary online group workshops)


Pricing Clarity Program: USD 595 (only USD 99 per session)

Note: this program can be written off as a business expense. We will send you all of the information your accountant needs.

Limited availability

We only accept 6 participants and we still have 3 spots available. The registration ends on Friday the 15th of September 2017.


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I am more than skeptical with this sort of things, having tried various forms of “assistance” in the past. I think the difference with Obed’s technique is that instead of pushing his own advice, he somehow pulls the answers out of you. He helped me realign my goals with the original motive for starting this adventure, as after all it is so easy to get lost on the way, and help me put myself back on the path towards the goal. I’d definitely recommend the Clarity Program to anyone that is feeling a bit lost. You never know what you might discover once Obed helps you sort through the noise!


Sam Pitt, Owner Sotocle

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