Free Clarity Webinar

Seize this opportunity and participate in the free Clarity Webinar with Obed Abbo.

This inspiring webinar is aimed to help you:

• Discover & connect with your passions
• Gain clarity & focus
• Find new inspiration within yourself
• Develop your ultimate dream
• Increase your self confidence
• Develop a strong plan of action
• Move forward in a more positive & purposeful way

About the speaker
Obed Abbo comes from an extensive coaching background and has helped more than 750 people to improve their lives at unique places such as the renowned Green School, the popular Dojo Bali Coworking Space and the world famous Bali Spirit Festival. Obed is travelling the world to expand his international reach while helping people realize their ultimate dreams.

Date & time
Tuesday the 23rd of January 2018 from 4pm - 5:15pm Singapore time (UTC +8)

Testimonials previous Clarity Webinar 

"Amazing webinar"
- Amanda Jane Williams, Retreat Mentor & Life Coach

"Obed’s webinar is a convenient, yet powerful way to help you develop your ultimate dream and access the tools you need to make this dream a reality. Thank you!"
- Janine Ritterath, Blogger at Young Wise Free​

"Obed's free webinar was extremely helpful. After a period of distraction, his succinct questions and facilitation of sharing in a group context allowed me to refocus and come back into alignment with my professional goals. As a result of this webinar, I was able to take action and enrol in a training to equip me with the skills necessary to move forward. Obed is sincere and passionate in his approach, and I can highly recommend his webinar to anyone seeking clarification and support in order to continue moving in the right direction."
- Amy Judge

"Clarity Webinar acknowledged and ignited the burning desire to truly get clear. My mind blew open with each simple question that Obed asked us to deeply consider. This webinar has sincerely made all my wildest dreams feel attainable. Pure Magic!"
- Michelle Lee

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