Group Workshop

Are you organizing events? What if your visitors will create their biggest breakthroughs during your event?

My interactive Group Workshops are very suitable for festivals, retreats, co-working gatherings and team building events. These proven workshops are perfect for bringing out the best in people.  


Clarity Group Workshop

The Clarity Group Workshop is aimed to help the participants of your event to:

  • Discover & connect with their passions
  • Gain clarity & focus
  • Find new inspiration within themselves
  • Develop their ultimate dream
  • Increase their self confidence
  • Develop an effective plan of action
  • Move forward in a more positive & purposeful way
Obed is a great facilitator! His Clarity Group Workshop is a simple and really effective tool to connect you with your passions and create a plan on how to make them an integral part of your life. During the workshop Obed is creating a really friendly, inspiring space where you are invited to put down in writing what you are passionate about. Nobody knows it better than you! I left the workshop with new realizations and a plan of action. That’s what a good workshop is about! I really recommend working with Obed!

- Marta Komosa, Festival Coordinator, Bali Spirit Festival 

Breakthrough Group Workshop

The Breakthrough Group Workshop is aimed to help the participants of your event to:

  • Develop their inspiring goals
  • Gain more energy, mental power, and motivation to make things happen
  • Gain more confidence in themselves and the courage to really go for it.
  • Master their strengths and seize new opportunities
  • Develop an effective plan of action
  • Achieve their dreams faster and with more ease


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