‘I’m now in the third month of the Breakthrough Year Program and I’m loving it! Obed has inspired and helped me to fulfill some of my deepest desires. As a result, I feel more alive, energized and fulfilled. It feels amazing to know what I truly want in life and to make huge progress towards my dream. And the pricing of this program? The money I have invested in this program is nothing in comparison on what I have already gained from it. I can truly recommend Obed’s Breakthrough Year Program for anybody who feels a bit unfulfilled and wants to achieve his or her dream faster and with ease. Obed’s support is priceless. Thank you Obed for all the help that you have given me already and I’m looking forward to the rest of this amazing program. Thanks, thanks, thanks.’

Pekka J. MattilaCo-founder Campwire.com & Digivallankumous.fi, Founder alastontotuus.fi



I attended a Clarity Session where the coach, Obed expertly guided me through a series of thought provoking and powerful questions. Through this process I was able to gain much needed clarity on some of my goals and am excited to move one step closer to achieving even more of my dreams.

amanda crop

The Clarity Program with Obed was a fabulous process for me. The process started with setting my intention and from this point I started writing and exploring my inner truths and passions. This was a real gift for me. Obed is open, kind and a very compassionate man, so it was so easy to get really honest. If you have never tried the Obed’s Coaching Services I highly suggest you do. Do it NOW. Go take that leap of faith and go deep inside your heart so you can explore the amazing person you are. Thank you Obed.

Amanda Jane WilliamsYoga Instructor & Life Coach

The High Potential Program  with Obed helped me grow on a personal and professional level. Not only gained I clarity about my long term vision, I also identified my limiting beliefs, my strengths and resources needed to achieve my goals. It felt like someone was swiping with a broom through the messy thoughts in my head which resulted in a clear structure and action steps for myself. I can highly recommend working with Obed!

Sebastian KuehnPublished author & Business CoachWireless Life

luke 2
I have attended an High Potential Session  with Obed and found that he has an amazing natural skill of helping one to clarify their goals. Even though I have done several workshops of this manner I got a lot from his. Through his structure of the program and the questions he helped me to identify by myself some key areas that I needed to focus on. I developed a list of things that I could do right away to get me in the direction of my goals and through those actions I made some real progress and made some breakthroughs with the ideas that I got with this session. I highly recommend Obed’s sessions.

Luke MacleodExecutive Chef The Legian Bali


Obed is a great facilitator! His Clarity Workshop  is a simple and really effective tool to connect you with your passions and create a plan on how to make them an integral part of your life. During the workshop Obed is creating a really friendly, inspiring space where you are invited to put down in writing what you are passionate about. Nobody knows it better than you! I left the workshop with new realizations and a plan of action. That’s what a good workshop is about! I really recommend working with Obed!

Marta Komosa Festival CoordinatorBali Spirit Festival 2015 & 2016

Sam Pitt

I am more than skeptical with this sort of things, having tried various forms of “assistance” in the past. I think the difference with Obed’s technique is that instead of pushing his own advice, he somehow pulls the answers out of you. He helped me realign my goals with the original motive for starting this adventure, as after all it is so easy to get lost on the way, and help me put myself back on the path towards the goal. I’d definitely recommend the Clarity Program  to anyone that is feeling a bit lost. You never know what you might discover once Obed helps you sort through the noise!

Sam PittOwnerSotocle

The Clarity Program  is about taking the time to be introspective and honest with yourself. Obed creates a space where you feel free to explore yourself and look at things in a new way, I was surprised just how much you can learn from and about yourself, when you are given the opportunity to be heard. Thank you Obed for an experience I will remember, and for giving me the impetus I needed to put my plans in motion.”

Sarah StrydomM&E Consultant

sofia 2
A life-changing experience!

Sofia MoradasDevelopment ManagerGreen School Bali


Everyone wants to live their truth, but sometimes it’s hard to know which way to go. The Clarity Workshop  helped me to make a map and begin that journey. It helped me move beyond my rational mind and listen to my heart voice, which clearly I am not brave enough to do in everyday life. And once I had heard those secret longings, Obed helped me to workshop ways to actually make those things happen. The Clarity Program is a practical, down to earth way to make your dreams come true. Thank you! xxx

Ailise RohrYoga teacherSamadi Bali



I participated the Clarity Workshop  twice during the Bali Spirit festival. Obed’s questions were very direct and it helped me to really reflect and go within, so I could connect with that what moves me. This process gave me a real sense of direction in my life and a real connection of how I could achieve my goals. The sharing process was also very effective, because it not only helps me to get clear for myself but then I found when I shared it with others I was kind of speaking it into existence. It made it more real to hear myself to say my dreams out loud and have it be received in such a safe place with other people were going through that same exercise. I was also very impressed and inspired by Obed’s presence. I really respect his work and I definitely recommend this workshop to my friends, family and colleagues.

Matt C. TurnerEntrepreneur

This is so cool. Obed is teaching me to be happy. In the sessions I have found my passions and I have learned to be ok with myself.

Thomas (15 years)High School Student



Both the Clarity Program  as the High Potential Program  with Obed were amazing. Obed helped me to realize what I want to do in life as well as how I can overcome my obstacles.

Roman StaněkInvestor

“I found the Clarity Retreat to be an inspiring weekend where I was able to completely focus on ‘me’ to explore and clarify what my passions and dreams are and how I can find more meaning and purpose in my life. Obed lives and breathes his message and shares his passion and enthusiasm with participants by holding an insightful, relaxed and open space where he guides you through a series of questions to find the answers that comes straight from your heart. I loved sharing this experience and connecting with other participants over the weekend enjoying amazing yoga, meditation, delicious healthy food, the beautiful resort and music jamming on the beach in the evenings. I’ve come away from this weekend feeling refreshed, inspired and excited about life again! I’ve made some big life decisions, set some big plans in motion, and I’ve even been drawing every day for the last week, following a 4 year creative block! Wow, thank you Obed!”

Kate DaviesArtist


The Clarity Workshop  offered me the possibility to dive deep into myself en find some answers I already knew but never listened to. Obed has a radiant energy and I felt his passion and enthusiasm, which made me enthusiastic too. It’s a pleasant workshop and I would describe it with the words: openness, fun, full of possibilities and stimulating Afterwards I felt like I could conquer the world and that’s not a bad feeling at all!

Charlotte Derksen

I joined the Clarity Workshop  to see whether the things I’m doing in my life are the right things to make my dreams become reality. Obed asked a bunch of insightful questions which really make you stop and think about all aspects of your life, and what you can do to make yourself, and others in your life happier and more fulfilled. I have experienced Obed as a very optimistic and inspiring guy who can help anyone looking for more direction and purpose in his life. Highly recommended!

Rob StoutjesdijkWedding DJMajestic - Wedding & event DJ's


I had a great time during the High Potential Workshop  at the Green School as it was very inspiring. One of my favorite parts was to hear other people’s dreams. This made me feel inspired and connected as I realized my colleagues have similar passions and dreams as myself.

janaina RicciPre Kindergarten TeacherGreen School Bali

The High Potential Workshop  is a great workshop. It helped me to focus on what I really want to do in my life.

Ida rahayuBahasa Indonesia teacherGreen School Bali

I like the High Potential Workshop  as it is really inspiring. It was a good feeling to share my dreams. And it was also very nice to discover my colleagues at the Green School have similar passions. This feels really good. Thank you.

Kiara Aznamteacher early yearsGreen School Bali

Thanks to the High Potential Workshop  I feel realigned with my passions and I feel grateful for this experience. It was a very calm and easy way to reflect on how far I’ve come, where I want to go and how I’m going to achieve it.

Erin O'Brien

‘I believe the High Potential Workshop  is a great workshop. It helped me to get a clear idea regarding pursuing my dreams. Thank you.’

Made SomaForeign language teacher Green School bali

janine r
Focusing on your passions and chatting in a casual group about what moves you and others is just an awesome way to feel good and in line with yourself. Sharing your dreams with a bunch of like-minded people gives you the rare opportunity to try and see what your dreams feel like in reality. It’s like taking the first step towards your goals already. I walked out of the Clarity Workshop  feeling empowered and inspired by my own self. Thanks to Obed for being a rad and caring dude offering a space for people to share their passions and feel good about them. That’s what it’s all about really. Cheers! Xo

Janine RitterathWriter & artistYoung Wise Free

krishna 2

Often the hardest part of starting something that we find passionate, is wondering where to begin. Obed’s Clarity Workshop  helps begin one journey, focusing on what is important and what is not.

Krishna ChieppaGeneral ManagerSerenity Eco Guesthouse

yatna 2
It was great! So grateful that I have had a chance to sit down, to talk from my heart and to share my dream and goals. Obed is a perfect person to talk with as he is very attentive.

Yatna ChieppaOwner Serenity Eco Guesthouse


I belief the High Potential Workshop  is well designed as it is inspiring and motivating.

Sylvia van SwietenInternational musician

With Obed’s clear guidance and specific questions, he helped me to find my own answers. We worked towards a clear action plan that has helped me to gain valuable insights into my marketing process.

Jyoti Schonfelder

Obed in his simplistic way was very effective in tapping into ourselves and ask the right questions. Thank you!

SahibahparticipantBali Spirit Festival



I attended the Clarity Workshop  and I really like what Obed has created: an uplifting workshop where he encourages people to live their dreams and passions, by asking simple yet profound questions.

Nazareno GrisoliaYoga instructorInspiro Yoga



I really enjoyed taking the  Clarity Group Workshop  with Obed Abbo. Obed holds a very relaxed and comfortable space for everyone attending, and very beautifully helps people to find out what their true passions and goals in life are. I highly recommend taking this workshop, even though you’re already doing what you love – there’s always room for more!

Lisa Andersson RhodinerYoga InstructorInspiro Yoga



Obed is the kind a person you meet and you immediately feel confortable & supported. His energy is pure, like his vision. The Clarity Group Workshop  helped me to speak loudly my dreams and to establish plans to make them happens. If you ever feel like you have passions but don’t know how to make a living of it, you should definitely experience Obed’s workshop. Energy flows where attention goes, and Obed knows this. Thank you Obed 🙂

Adria Mingasson



The High Potential Group Workshop  was an educated experience for me as it was really helpful to find out what I actually wanted to do in my life. Truly you will know yourself better and find new ways to achieve your goal.

Pradnya ArtutiYoga InstructorGokul Yoga

co s


I was pleasantly surprised with the relaxed atmosphere and the way Obed guided us through the process during the Clarity Workshop. It is very interesting to think about your own passions while hearing others speak about theirs. It’s insightful and probably something everyone should do every once in a while.

Ceremco van LeeuwenMagician & Hypnotist



Thanks a lot for providing that amazing opportunity to me as well! I can feel the great option dealing with these important questions to become able to focus our targets in a much better way. The better focus will definitely lead us to our goals in a more direct, faster and more efficient way. Your Clarity workshop  is for everybody highly recommendable!

Gabriel G. MarnAuthor and Therapist



Many people do not take their own goals and dreams seriously, and end up not giving these dreams enough power to make them real. Personally I take my passion seriously but often have failed to organise the execution in a linear way to make the many dreams happen. The Advanced Session that I participated with Obed was a simple concept but ultimately effective. He asks questions in a way which opens these avenues in our mind and allow the hidden passions, processes, and problems obstructing it to come in a pure flow of traffic to the surface, so we can understand how to take responsibility for what we want and begin to make it happen without doubt. I recommend the High Potential Group Workshop  to all dreamers wanting to take their dreams to the next level of reality.
Thanks Obed!

Austin WheelerAuthor